Who is in charge?

For The Birds!

For The Birds!

It’s difficult to know who is running Florida government – at least among the executive branch. You see, there are statutes and administrative rules governing the conduct of local officials, and oversight is supposed to be by the State.

BUT … recently it came to light that a form, which is a Rule, has been changed by some local officials and submitted to the Department of Revenue. There has been no public rule-making process. There has been no written review let alone approval by the Executive Director.

AND, when asked “What are you going to do about it?” there has been no response.

Does it matter?

Oh yes! The form represents a sworn statement of percentages applied to reductions of ad valorem assessments. The changes are to specific terminology in the form – and there are as many interpretations of the terminology as there are altered forms.

The effect may be that some taxpayers may not be treated uniformly by their local taxing officials. So, it’s a big deal for a number of reasons. It looks like someone simply broke the law and no one in the Capital is responsive.

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