Hundreds of nonprofits, operating in Florida, are composed of, by, and for private citizens. These entities are subject to financial audits when government resources are provided to them. Their financial audits are reviewed by the Florida Auditor General and are found on the Auditor’s web site.

IN ADDITION, there are dozens of nonprofit organizations operating in Florida composed of, by, and for state and local government officials and employees. While these groups are NOT considered governmental entities, they engage in making public policy and have lobbyists who influence legislation. Some of these nonprofits even litigate against the interests of private citizens. Although these groups often use government resources, the Florida Auditor General does NOT audit, supervise, or review audits of these organizations.

Isn’t it odd that the State reviews audits of the first group of nonprofits, BUT does NOT review let alone direct or conduct operational or performance audits of the nonprofits composed of, by, and for government officials and employees?

“Government BY, OF, and FOR THE PEOPLE” means private citizens. Yet, THE PEOPLE are NOT included in making public policy decisions by many of the nonprofits enjoying public resources. Policy determinations appear to be decided by ministerial position holders. BUT their official public job descriptions do NOT include “making policy”.

SO what are the consequences of an unregulated, unaccountable SHADOW GOVERNMENT influencing public policy-making over THE RIGHTS of THE PEOPLE?


It looks like usurpation when any organizations, composed of, by, or for government officials and employees, make public policy against the interests of, and at the expense of, The PEOPLE.

Where do ministerial public position holders get the authority to usurp the power of THE PEOPLE?

Why are any nonprofits composed of government officials and employees NOT subject to operational or performance audits by the Auditor General to ensure all such activities comply with lawfully delegated job functions?

When, under any circumstances, did using public resources to lobby or litigate against the interest of THE PEOPLE become a lawful or ethical function of government officials or employees, especially those in ministerial positions?

The State should ensure any use of public resources under any circumstances conform to lawfully delegated functions of each government position, and ensure that making public policy is NOT influenced or affected by ministerial position holders. Accordingly, the Florida Legislature should direct the Auditor General to regularly conduct, supervise, or review operational or performance audits of each nonprofit composed of, by, and for state and local government officials and employees. If necessary, change State law.


Policy decisions, including who should be audited, are directed by members of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee. Those members are elected to serve THE PEOPLE.

Senator Joseph Abruzzo is the Senate co-chair of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee. Call him at (850) 487-5025 or (561) 791-4774 or email

Representative Lake Ray is the House co-chair of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee. Call him at (850) 717-5012 or (904) 723-5300 or email

David Martin is the Florida Auditor General, a constitutional officer who serves at the pleasure of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee. Call him at (850) 488-5534 or email


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