What To Do About the OTHER TAX on Florida Property

Property tax bills include ad valorem levies. In many Florida jurisdictions, the bills may also include non-ad valorem involuntary exactions like special assessments. Those involuntary exactions may not be appealed, may not be capped, and may be double or even more than your ad valorem bills. In many examples, affected taxpayers may not be given the right to vote on such levies. Yet, these levies are liens on your property!

One of the principles in the American Revolution was something about the consent of the taxed. So, why not ask your Legislative representatives to propose a ballot item which would amend the Florida Constitution to give you the right to vote. We believe taxpayers should have the right to decide whether their land should be subject to an assessment especially when your ownership is affected because if you do NOT pay in full for every charge on your bill, a tax certificate can be sold, and two years after that a sale, against your ownership, can be forced.

PRINT OUT THE FORM, and URGE YOUR LEGISLATORS TO PROPOSE THE SUGGESTED AMENDMENT. You’ll find the House and Senate web sites and their contact information in this link.

Constitutional Amendment Petition Form

Note: All information on this form, including your signature, becomes a public record upon receipt by the Supervisor of Elections.

Under Florida law, it is a first degree misdemeanor, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083, Florida Statutes, to knowingly sign more than one petition for an issue. [Section 104.185, Florida Statutes] If all requested information on this form is not completed, the form will not be valid.

Your Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Please Print Name as it appears on your Voter Information Card

Your residential street address: ___________________________________

City _____________________ Zip_____________ County__________________

Voter Registration Number ________________ Date of Birth __________________

I am a registered voter of Florida and hereby petition the Florida Legislature to place the following proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution on the ballot in the general election:

AMENDMENT TO CREATE ARTICLE VIII, SECTION 1(l) (“Majority Landowner Petition Approval Is Required Before Levy Of Non Ad Valorem Involuntary Exactions”) OF THE FLORIDA CONSTITUTION.

BALLOT TITLE: Right Of Majority Of Landowners To Approve Non Ad Valorem Involuntary Exactions

BALLOT SUMMARY: Local governing boards are obligated to obtain favorable petitions from a majority of landowners subject to a proposed non ad valorem involuntary exaction prior to levy of any non ad valorem involuntary exaction.


1(l) (“Majority Landowner Petition Approval Required Before Levy Of Non Ad Valorem Involuntary Exactions”) OF THE FLORIDA CONSTITUTION IS HEREBY CREATED TO READ:

(l) Local governing boards of counties, municipalities, and districts shall mail petitions to landowners for each parcel owned describing the improvement or service proposed to be funded by imposition of any non-ad valorem involuntary exaction on their land. Petition approval of the funding of the improvement or service by a majority of the affected landowners is a condition precedent to levy of a valid non-ad valorem involuntary exaction.

Signature of Registered Voter
: __________________________________
Date of Signature: _________

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